The Box from byarhouse on Vimeo.

“The Box”  (2012)

Unable to afford to go on vacation because of sudden expenses, a frustrated husband decides to take a vacation in his basement, in a box.

What happens when life gets in the way of expectations? And how much of our lives are lived in dreams, desires and fantasy? This humorous, exaggerated romp pokes fun at the notion of the ‘grass being greener’ and our desire to escape from everyday life.

The opening line is drawn from a very short story by Dave Eggers, which inspired the tone of the writing and was instrumental in formatting the animation from twenty minutes down to two.

The mechanics of trying to pack as much story into as small of a space as possible propels the use of a narrator. Verbally, the words playfully push and pull against the visuals adding another level of humor to the animation. In the end, it asks the question: in relationships are something’s better left unexamined?

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