Beatriz Herraiz

DOT – Maduixa Teatre (Clip) from Dot – Maduixa Teatre on Vimeo.



body and animation.  interesting in different works and styles.  Kathy Rose, William Kentridge, Miwa Matreyek, (very cool stuff)

Cinema and theatre are closely linked. Time in theatre is linearity. In Cinema Time jumps and can move around. These days, many of these concepts are being utilized in the theatre. Theatre looks at “the actor is dying every second” in Cinema actors images are frozen

Viewers community active and vulnerable in cinema it is based on individuality.

Performative animation:

  • any sense if an overview vision
  • incomplete
  • actors have prominence

Cinema animation:

  • sense by itself
  • complete
  • character has prominence
  • animation teams
  • systematized work

Dot: works mixes dance, acting and animation. It is a play. using minimalist ideas and forms and reduced color palette. Dot uses a blue screen. It works in a variety of way.

  1. Front projection and lighting in front of the screen.
  2. front projection and lighting behind the screen.

Innovative interplay between live action, and animation, and music makes a magical space where wonder can exist. question: how do we create wonder in this jaded age of imagery?

The preformative as suggested creates new languages.