A:Aubry Mintz: yup.

B:Brooke Keesling: booby girl, meat clown. Development Cartoon network studios.

R:Richard Arroyo head of games at iAnimate.net

T:Tony Tarantini: prof, researcher at Sheridan.

State of education? are we in the golden age, what are the challenges, what keeps you up at night?

  • A: Graduate Sheridan, only a handful of schools, now hundreds of ways to learn. Pro’s every school can identify themselves. one goal is to help students place themselves. Con, maybe over saturating the market. So much competition. So, schools can find their own strength.
  • R: So many schools but not creating the great artists needed. over saturated and not doing the best job.
  • B: Part of this is, cal 1 out 10 are picked, just because a another school will accept you, be honest about your abilities. Some things can be taught others not so much, she is on tumbler a ton. Most cal. schools are strong.
  • T: so many ways that students can get a education, we have to answer to structure of education. Somehow we are trying to circumvent this and get our students ready for industry. Getting people together to talk, collaborate, critique. The main office is pressuring “can we get online, how can we connect to the northern territories. Trying to live up to reputation.
  • R:iAnimate, online but critiques live, old school work in team, totally agree. it can still be got online, but the physical experience is missing. Community. Students online not take as much leisure time. There is a need for that type of experience.
  • B:At the big studios, interns have to be junior level students so they can be there. This would be a deficit for online organizations such as iAnimate. iAnimate is not a school, but a training area some are high school, some are professionals looking to get better.
  • A: not enough time in 4 or 5 years, go online and do more, learn software.

question: What place is there in education beyond the skills, job training, tool use and productivity to explore deeper philosophy, history, ideas and theory to advance and innovate?


  • opportunity to be more brutally honest. students need to be pushed but an institution forces the teachers to be gentle. Group projects, you have to figure out how to work with students who are not the best. it would be good if you could fire them.
  • B: its upon the student to do the research. If you want the straight hard skills, you can go to lynda.com. Most of the students at cal art want to draw, draw, draw. this give them strong volumes. poor portfolios they can’t do turn-arounds.  They make their students make a film every year, whether it’s good or not they at least have the experience. peer pressure in classroom pushes them to be able to do this, online it not as doable.
  • A: learn how to fail, fail now.

All groups have constraints and advantages to the models we work with. we’ve talked about online model, lets talk institutional model.

  • T: How do we specialize our education for the student. he believes in the autur. Boring to be a pipeline cog. He would create more choices. guide their education to where they want to go.
  • B: I wouldn’t change anything. making those four films makes people with vision. Gives them a chance to fail in a good way. get one good film out of it. Omelet the film got over 3 million views.  Don’t go to cal arts if you don’t want to be a director. She thinks they are weaker on the technical stuff.

ASIFA Hollywood?

  • Education Forum.
  • A: doing History of Animation as a G.E.
  • Moderator: one of the things i was surprised was the access to tools for innovation. most educators are not aware of the capabilities they have, no training for the job.
  • A: make relationships with other educators. he has 60 piece orchestra doing sound.
  • B: taught at a decent school in detroit. they have to move to ny or L.A. it was so much harder, if you are really serious about animation, go to a school where there is work so you can build your basis of peers and networking and jobs.

To brook what have you noticed in the portfolios you are getting: change your expectations?

  • B: they hire internationally. Demo reel for tv, show me storytelling, i can see it from a story reel or a comic. spends a lot of time on tumbler. she looks at what everyone is posting.  different studios want different things. cartoon network, need storytelling. Most of our shows are storyboard driven, so they need to be able to WRITE and draw.

send the students to linda to learn toonboom, spend time in theory. sheridan, uses linda, tony sends them demos.  students need to take responsibility. students sometimes at sheridan want to do 3d film, not taught in class. they support them, but not having to be taught software in classroom.