I was eating dinner with my wife and daughter Friday night, the waitress was telling us about a couple who live there lives in very prescribed ways, always eat at certain restaurants on certain nights, always order one dish on one night and a particular dish on the 2nd night they visit the restaurant during the week.  She wanted to share a Christmas Story (1981) the movie with them, loan them the DVD. They didn’t own a DVD player, nor a VCR.  No cellphone, no computer.  The point was that they lived this sheltered life of incredible consistency.  Not only did they eat at the same restaurants on very particular days, but they had worked only one job, lived in one house their whole lives and never had children (which really breaks up any efforts at consistency)

Limiting the amount of world that you allow into your life, seems surprising in a culture where we all swim in a digital deluge of images, sounds, movies, porn, social media. We can’t take it all in, the world is too large, too much happening. As Linda Holmes mentions in this article on NPR, The sad beautiful fact is that we are all going to miss almost everything. Our response to the constantly moving river of data, information and distractions is either to cull, pick and choose what we read/watch/learn or surrender and give up on trying.  It’s an interesting and relevant thought experiment and worth reading.